Fluorosis is caused by consuming high Fluoride mainly through water or through food which may be irrigated from high fluoride water. It is made severe by deficiency of Calcium. Also other deficiencies such as  those of Magnesium and Vitamin C aggravate fluorosis

Dental fluorosis

Skeletal fluorosis

teeth legs

~ More than 60 million people in India are at risk from fluorosis

~ 20 states in India report incidences of fluorosis

~ Fluoride greater than 1 mg/l is harmful for drinking

~ Malnutrition makes fluorosis worse

~ A generation of children is at risk of being crippled

~ Calcium deficiency aggravates fluorosis

~ Fluorosis also worsens Osteoporosis, Anaemia and other nutrition related diseases

~ Most symptoms of fluorosis are not reversible

~ Safe water and good nutrition prevent fluorosis

Teeth get permanent yellow stains

Affects bones and leads to crippling


For more on history of Fluorosis and nutritional mitigation,  please look at research of  Dr. Raja Reddy

On nutritional aspects and linkage with Anaemia, please look at research of Dr. A. K. Susheela


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